5 of the best paintings in the world


Painting may only look like an image drawn or painted on a canvas or media, but not for people who enjoy art and can understand the beauty of a painting.

The painting is a work of art that is poured out or the expression of the painter, the art from an artist that is in the picture that makes the painting look expressive and imaginative.

Did you know that in this world there are several paintings which are works of art that are highly praised even up to hundreds of years have passed this painting remains a famous scratch?

Here are 5 of the most famous paintings in the world:

1. WHISTLER’S MOTHER By James McNeil Whistler

If you watch Rowan Atkinson’s film, Mr.Bean The Movie, then you will know this painting.

This painting is a painting made from oil on canvas from an American artist named McNeil Whistler in 1871. The official name of this painting is actually an Arrangement in Gray and Black, but became famous by its current name “Whistler’s Mother”.

This painting is now located at the Musee d’Orsay, Paris.

2. THE SCREAM By Edward Munch

One of the artistic and imaginative paintings of an artist named Edward Munch who came from Norwegian in 1893. The Scream actually has 4 versions, one of which is painted and three of which use pastels.

This painting expresses anxiety, sadness, and feelings of awe or fascination. Apart from the artistic art and emotional value described in this painting, the sale value of this painting is very expensive, namely in the 4th version of this painting pastel reached a selling value of $ 119,922,600 in an Auction.

3. GUERNICA By Pablo Picasso

This painting reflects a crime from bombings in the city of Guernica, Spain. Picasso wants to attract world attention to how savagery in the bombings carried out in the city.

This painting was known as a major work in the 20th century, where it was painted on 3.5 x 7.8 meters of canvas painted with oil paint. There are several elements in this painting such as bulls, horses, a woman with her dead child, a bulb, a soldier’s hand, and some hidden objects.

4. NO. 5 By Jackson Pollock

Created in 1948, this painting is an oil painting painted on a cloth board.

Jackson Pollock is famous for his painting style, Drip Painting. Where he uses a canvas lying on the floor and paints it by dripping colors with tools such as knives, sticks, towels and other objects.

The uniqueness and artistry of this artwork has a very high selling value, namely in 2006 this painting sold at a price of $ 140 million


One of the paintings painted on the wall is located in the Apostolic Palace, the Vatican by a building artist Raphael Sanzio.

Raphael made this wall painting within 2 years on the wall of the apostolic palace and in this painting, you can see some of the main figures from this Athena school including philosophies and scholars such as the plateau, Aristotle, Socrates, Pythagoras, and others. Each figure has a different activity.