The Effect of Consuming Kratom Leaves

So far, the use of kratom has been justified because it has the same effect as drinking coffee. This is not true in the use of Bali Kratom itself, the data cause serious side effects.
Moreover, the side effects caused by kratom consumption are far more dangerous than coffee. Deaths from kratom use have not only been reported in Indonesia but also in the United States. Following are some of the side effects that can arise from using kratom:
• Mouth becomes dry
• Shivering
• Nausea and vomiting
• Weight loss
• Urination and bowel movements
• Liver damage
• Muscle ache
Kratom can also be known as Red Bali kratom which can cause side effects on a person’s nervous system and mind, such as:
• Dizzy
• Sleepy
• Hallucinations and delusions
• Depression
• Hard to breathe
• Seizures
• Commas
• Die
Even in studies conducted using test animals, kratom shows a stronger effect than morphine. Until now, no known dose limit is considered safe or has been considered excessive when consuming kratom.
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