Garena, the creator of one of the most popular MOBA for desktop PC have also entered the MOBA gaming for mobile. Their latest game is called Arena of Valor which has the very same gaming concept from their original League of Legends, but this time a completely unique heroes and skills set.

Aside from LOL or League of Legends, they are also acquired the Heroes of Newerth which is also a MOBA game for PC, now being manage by Frostburn Studios. They are also the company behind the popular first person shooting games such as Point Blank and one of its early FPS game, Alliance of Valiant Arms. According to my research they also manage to publish an EA Game, the FIFA Online 3 on some asian countries.

Going back to the AOV or Arena of Valor. Right now there’s a massive wildfire of news spreading throughout multiple social media platforms and at this point of writing, over 10,000 downloads from selected countries with an average rating of 4.6 which is a sign that there are a huge percentage of gamers who would like this kind of gaming genre.

Mobile legends (50M downloads and 4.4 rating) is still the number 1 MOBA game for Android when you try to search for MOBA games, next is the Heroes Evolved (5 Million Downloads and 4.3 rating), and third place is the MOBA Duels: Masters of Battle Arena (100,000 downloads with 4.0 rating). There are other MOBA games aside from the three that I’ve mentioned. I’m sure that in no time Garena AOV will be able to surpass the 2nd and 3rd placer games.

They just need to offer something which is not available on other games and for sure they will get a lot of players switch to their newest game. New features, more free heroes, warding system, fogging, less lag, and cheaper amount of in-game items and lastly weekly updates that focus with bug fixes not just purely addition of heroes, they should also gauge every heroes to avoid imbalances to the game.

Garena is The New Challenger for Mobile MOBA
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