Looking for a great alternative MOBA game for Mobile Legends? then you can check this game called Heroes Evolved by R2Games. The company called their game as online hero brawler, which is well known as MOBA (massive online battle arena) game which is a very popular game genre in all gaming consoles not just to smartphones, but also with desktop gaming and Xbox and PlayStation.

I’m sure you would ask if what’s the main difference of this game against its rival Mobile Legends and the latest MOBA game from GARENA, the Arena of Valor which just launched a few months ago and it is now trending in social media platforms because of awesome early access promo like free 15 heroes permanent.

Going back to Heroes Evolved, the unique features of this game are quite handful. First they have around 90 unique heroes in terms of appearance, skills, passive and animations. Second is that they feature warding system which i think is very important for a MOBA gaming to avoid ganking. This feature is similar to League of Legends and DOTA 2 where observer ward and anti ward are both available. These warding system is not available in Mobile Legends until this point of writing and I wish they would implement it very soon. Third would be the teleportation back to tower is also free in this game. Fourth is actually a con where in there’s no bush for you to hide during enemy ambushes or duking strategy. Fifth awesome feature is they offer lots of events and I guess the last awesome addition to this game is the aesthetically created skins/avatars which are really amazing work of art by its creator. Two thumbs up for that!

If you know more unique features of the game, where in other doesn’t have as of now. Kindly share them using the comment section below. I’ll be updating this post when Heroes of Evolved had new awesome features so always stay tune!

Heroes Evolved MOBA Game for Smartphone