What’s up guys, I just want to get your thoughts about the diamonds in Mobile Legends. To tell you frankly I think they are really a necessity or I can say needs for the game if you really want to enjoy the game at its best! When I say best, meaning you have all the stuff that you need, unlocked all heroes, maxed out all levels of emblems for additional power-ups, jaw-dropping skins from the common ones, elite, legendary, and other limited-offer skins. Those are just a few of the benefits of having diamonds for the game, but really why is there no way to get it by just playing? I don’t get it why other games gives this kind of premium items in game by unlocking achievements. One example for reaching a certain mile stone by getting 1000 kills in game. I know you get my point, but for the game Mobile Legends only you can get tickets as the highest rewards that you can use to buy skins in the shop.

To get diamonds in the game, you really need to load your account either using credit card, PayPal or through your network provider load credits. Starting diamonds pack would cost you $1.5 and can reach up to $100 for the largest package of 5000 diamonds with 1000 bonus diamonds, sounds a great deal isn’t? yes if money is not really a problem, but if you are one of the many people who just want to play the game to refresh or to relax, then I guess it’s not really worth spending money to it.

If you are one of the gamers that loves collecting and using skins/avatar in game then you really need to purchase diamonds as skins prices ranges from 250 diamonds up to a whooping 900+ diamonds for the best looking skins. It is very hard to get tickets in the game which you can also used to purchase/draw skins in the weekly mystery gift but thankfully they replaced the bet there from diamonds to tickets, meaning there’s now chance for us to get skins every week as long as we have our tickets.

If you really interested in getting diamonds in the game and you read the whole article. Lucky you are if you able to get to this point, because I’m going to share an awesome trick where you can get almost infinite number of diamonds with bonus battle points that you can use to purchase new heroes and your favorite skins for your best pick heroes, luckily this site that I’ve found is still working until this point of writing, Visit Diamond Hack for Mobile Legends now and be sure to share it with your friends. I’ve been using this for quite a while now and you can really get diamonds daily without the need to use your own money because it’s totally free.

Mobile Legends: Let’s Talk About Diamonds