Love Battlefield and similar shooting games such as division, splinter cell, call of duty, ghost recon and brother of arms? Then you better check out this awesome battle royale shooting games called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrouds or most commonly known as PUBG in social media and gaming groups and forums. This game is one of the top games last year in Steam and by the way it is not free, although it’s pretty cheap less than $20, but I’m sure the gaming experience that you will see is in a different new level of shooting games.

To give you a short background with the game, this game is a 3rd person shooting game of survival or also referred as last-man standing shooter game. More than 100 players online with their own character, names, and customisations will be drop in a parachute in a 8×8 KM battle field which is pretty huge and you will start empty handed meaning you need to find weapons of your choice inside house, in the field, you can also drive vehicles and have one goal in common, and that is to survive through out the game.

You can run, crawl, hide, lockĀ  and load and fight to every enemies that you see inĀ  the field. I suggest you find a perfect hiding place and of course pick a sniper weapon that can pin down enemies from far away. This is one of the best technique to survive on this game as running in the battle field will let yourself killed in a matter of seconds as there are lots of praying eyes in every part of the battle field.

The winner of course will receive amazing rewards at the end of the game, but of course everyone in some way can get their own rewards even though they are not declared as the winner. Sign up now with a free steam account and purchase the game and I’m sure you will definitely enjoy this game.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Popular Game in Steam