I support music training as a result of it has played a significant function in my life. Neak Sophal, a Cambodian artist, shared the background of her art work entitled Leaf” by explaining that Leaf” was a collection of photographs of children and teenagers whose faces were hidden behind a leaf, reflecting the ignorance of the society on these children and younger individuals who lived in poor families and far from schooling.supports and arts

The exhibited art works had been chosen by a competitive course of by a panel of extremely esteemed artwork critics, curators, and academics comparable to Patrick D. Flores, Professor of Artwork Studies on the University of the Philippines and Curator of the College of the Philippines Vargas Museum, the Philippines, and Adjunct Curator of the Nationwide Art Gallery, Singapore; Aminudin T. H. Siregar, famously generally known as Ucok”, an independent curator, Director of the Soemardja Gallery, and lecturer within the Faculty of Arts and Design on the Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia; and Việt Lê, an artist, author, curator, and Assistant Professor in the Visual Studies Program, Visual … Read More