E-Learning: Trend of Education as a Business Opportunity Today

The development of the internet and computer technology has progressed very rapidly. So that conventional business slowly began to experience a shift, because it was considered less effective than modern businesses that utilize internet and computer technology. For example, a technology-based business is not limited by space and time so it does not require a place to display and supply goods and is not limited by space and distance so that business processes can occur between two different regions and different countries with faster processing times than conventional business.

Looking at the various strengths of modern technology and computer-based business, it is not surprising that this modern business will become a trend in the future in a very short period of time, given the rapid development of this technology. And this will touch various aspects of life even including education, because
Education and the arts have improved the living conditions of people

e-Learning or electronic learning is now increasingly known as one way to overcome educational problems, both in developed countries and in developing countries.

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