Early Civilization of Art in Greece

The development of ancient Greek civilization began with the development of civilization on the island of Crete. The island of Crete is located on a shipping road between Egypt and Greece, as well as between the regions of Italy and Punicia. The Crete island community is a maritime society with a basic life trading and sailing in the middle sea. The people of the island of Crete have known the form of writing called Minos. The location is very strategic, so it becomes the center of activity in the waters of the eastern Mediterranean. The island of Crete is a connecting area between the central trade areas of the island of Sicily, Egypt, the Levant Coast, Byzantine, and Yunni. Sources of news about the history of the kingdom of Crete were obtained, among others, from the poets of Homerus, especially in the books Illyas and Odyssea, folktales in Greece that are more mythological, the results of archaeological excavations that find the remains of ancient city buildings such capital city of Knossos. The island of Crete is located on a shipping … Read More