Sacred Relations in The Book A Course in Miracles

In this book, there are thoughts about relationships. One memorable distinction is the distinction between “special” relationships and “holy” relationships. Special relationships are built on the ego’s will, and many people will only have this type of relationship. This kind of relationship, according to A Course in Miracles, is a way that does not involve God in our lives. On the contrary, the alternative, that is, holy relations occurs if we allow God to enter into this relationship: “Sacred relations are special relations that change.” In this regard, this book can cause feelings of discomfort, because we may realize how our relationships are forged from selfishness is not from a desire to have honest and loving relationships, you must visit for more about it

When we ask God, enter into our relationships, change takes place quickly: “In a moment His purpose replaces your purpose.” In an impure relationship, which makes our relationship meaningful is our goal for that relationship. In normal relations, if we don’t get what we want, we usually try to end the relationship, because the emphasis is what we want (ego). The problem is that we will always feel a little uncomfortable with our relations because the relationship has no solid foundation. We think that we know what is best for us, when in fact the ego does not really have a purpose for our relations except to use it for the sake of the ego itself and you can find in this moment is your miracle

God, on the other hand, does not have a clear purpose for our relations, so this is about having confidence that these goals will be revealed. The experience of the presence of a guiding spirit at first gives us confidence, but that belief then turns into certainty. We are given the opportunity to save our relationships from ourselves. “If God has been one with someone, the ego cannot destroy it,” said A Course in Miracles.

One theme of A Course in Miracles is the need to forgive, not because forgiveness is a good thing to do, but because forgiveness allows us to eliminate wrong perceptions and return to seeing the truth. Forgiveness is seeing the good side of a person, the truth behind outward appearance. If we are able to do this, instead of continuing to feel like judging or attacking, we will have healthy relationships.