PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Popular Game in Steam

Love Battlefield and similar shooting games such as division, splinter cell, call of duty, ghost recon and brother of arms? Then you better check out this awesome battle royale shooting games called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrouds or most commonly known as PUBG in social media and gaming groups and forums. This game is one of the top games last year in Steam and by the way it is not free, although it’s pretty cheap less than $20, but I’m sure the gaming experience that you will see is in a different new level of shooting games.

To give you a short background with the game, this game is a 3rd person shooting game of survival or also referred as last-man standing shooter game. More than 100 players online with their own character, names, and customisations will be drop in a parachute in a 8×8 KM battle field which is pretty huge and you will start empty handed meaning you need to find weapons of your choice inside house, in the field, you can also drive vehicles and have one goal in common, and that is to survive through out the game.

You can run, crawl, hide, lock  and load and fight to every enemies that you see in  the field. I suggest you find a perfect hiding place and of course pick a sniper weapon that can pin down enemies from far away. This is one of the best technique to survive on this game as running in the battle field will let yourself killed in a matter of seconds as there are lots of praying eyes in every part of the battle field.

The winner of course will receive amazing rewards at the end of the game, but of course everyone in some way can get their own rewards even though they are not declared as the winner. Sign up now with a free steam account and purchase the game and I’m sure you will definitely enjoy this game.

Double The Fun with Clash Royale 2v2 Gameplay

Clash Royale 2v2 gameplay is one of the latest features added by Super Cell to its battle arena game last year and that new feature was really love by its huge number of players including me of course. The concept is that you can either start 2v2 with a clan mate and you will also face other people who are also in the same clan. The other option is by starting the 2v2 button and picking up a random user who also want to play that particular game mode.

It is totally fun as you both have 8 cards in the deck, longer overtime period, and having a single king at the middle with much more HP compared to 1 on 1 battle. Also before the battle start, the deck of your team mate will be displayed in your screen so that you will be aware what kind of deck he had and how you can react with his card when deployed. During the beta stage of the 2v2, you will be able to see what card you team mate will drop as you can see a foreshadow when he or she tap the card and about to drag in the battle field. This way you will be able to know what card you will use to support his move.

Clash Royale is still one of the best and popular game in both android and iOS, and they continuously update the game, add new features, add new cards, and balance every cards in the game that seems to be overpowered. Once a month there’s a nerf and buff to certain cards, as well as different challenge competition where in every one can join to win gold, and card rewards that can help them progress throughout the game.

If you are looking for ways how you can easily get gold and gems to the game, I would suggest check out different game forums and even Youtube channels. These kinds of websites lets you get daily rewards such as gold and gems that will be directly credit to your clash royale account by completing a simple task using your smartphone or computer. The best part of this is it will never ask for you to pay for it as it is totally free.

Mobile Legends: Let’s Talk About Diamonds

What’s up guys, I just want to get your thoughts about the diamonds in Mobile Legends. To tell you frankly I think they are really a necessity or I can say needs for the game if you really want to enjoy the game at its best! When I say best, meaning you have all the stuff that you need, unlocked all heroes, maxed out all levels of emblems for additional power-ups, jaw-dropping skins from the common ones, elite, legendary, and other limited-offer skins. Those are just a few of the benefits of having diamonds for the game, but really why is there no way to get it by just playing? I don’t get it why other games gives this kind of premium items in game by unlocking achievements. One example for reaching a certain mile stone by getting 1000 kills in game. I know you get my point, but for the game Mobile Legends only you can get tickets as the highest rewards that you can use to buy skins in the shop.

To get diamonds in the game, you really need to load your account either using credit card, PayPal or through your network provider load credits. Starting diamonds pack would cost you $1.5 and can reach up to $100 for the largest package of 5000 diamonds with 1000 bonus diamonds, sounds a great deal isn’t? yes if money is not really a problem, but if you are one of the many people who just want to play the game to refresh or to relax, then I guess it’s not really worth spending money to it.

If you are one of the gamers that loves collecting and using skins/avatar in game then you really need to purchase diamonds as skins prices ranges from 250 diamonds up to a whooping 900+ diamonds for the best looking skins. It is very hard to get tickets in the game which you can also used to purchase/draw skins in the weekly mystery gift but thankfully they replaced the bet there from diamonds to tickets, meaning there’s now chance for us to get skins every week as long as we have our tickets.

If you really interested in getting diamonds in the game and you read the whole article. Lucky you are if you able to get to this point, because I’m going to share an awesome trick where you can get almost infinite number of diamonds with bonus battle points that you can use to purchase new heroes and your favorite skins for your best pick heroes, luckily this site that I’ve found is still working until this point of writing, Visit Diamond Hack for Mobile Legends now and be sure to share it with your friends. I’ve been using this for quite a while now and you can really get diamonds daily without the need to use your own money because it’s totally free.

Heroes Evolved MOBA Game for Smartphone

Looking for a great alternative MOBA game for Mobile Legends? then you can check this game called Heroes Evolved by R2Games. The company called their game as online hero brawler, which is well known as MOBA (massive online battle arena) game which is a very popular game genre in all gaming consoles not just to smartphones, but also with desktop gaming and Xbox and PlayStation.

I’m sure you would ask if what’s the main difference of this game against its rival Mobile Legends and the latest MOBA game from GARENA, the Arena of Valor which just launched a few months ago and it is now trending in social media platforms because of awesome early access promo like free 15 heroes permanent.

Going back to Heroes Evolved, the unique features of this game are quite handful. First they have around 90 unique heroes in terms of appearance, skills, passive and animations. Second is that they feature warding system which i think is very important for a MOBA gaming to avoid ganking. This feature is similar to League of Legends and DOTA 2 where observer ward and anti ward are both available. These warding system is not available in Mobile Legends until this point of writing and I wish they would implement it very soon. Third would be the teleportation back to tower is also free in this game. Fourth is actually a con where in there’s no bush for you to hide during enemy ambushes or duking strategy. Fifth awesome feature is they offer lots of events and I guess the last awesome addition to this game is the aesthetically created skins/avatars which are really amazing work of art by its creator. Two thumbs up for that!

If you know more unique features of the game, where in other doesn’t have as of now. Kindly share them using the comment section below. I’ll be updating this post when Heroes of Evolved had new awesome features so always stay tune!

Garena is The New Challenger for Mobile MOBA


Garena, the creator of one of the most popular MOBA for desktop PC have also entered the MOBA gaming for mobile. Their latest game is called Arena of Valor which has the very same gaming concept from their original League of Legends, but this time a completely unique heroes and skills set.

Aside from LOL or League of Legends, they are also acquired the Heroes of Newerth which is also a MOBA game for PC, now being manage by Frostburn Studios. They are also the company behind the popular first person shooting games such as Point Blank and one of its early FPS game, Alliance of Valiant Arms. According to my research they also manage to publish an EA Game, the FIFA Online 3 on some asian countries.

Going back to the AOV or Arena of Valor. Right now there’s a massive wildfire of news spreading throughout multiple social media platforms and at this point of writing, over 10,000 downloads from selected countries with an average rating of 4.6 which is a sign that there are a huge percentage of gamers who would like this kind of gaming genre.

Mobile legends (50M downloads and 4.4 rating) is still the number 1 MOBA game for Android when you try to search for MOBA games, next is the Heroes Evolved (5 Million Downloads and 4.3 rating), and third place is the MOBA Duels: Masters of Battle Arena (100,000 downloads with 4.0 rating). There are other MOBA games aside from the three that I’ve mentioned. I’m sure that in no time Garena AOV will be able to surpass the 2nd and 3rd placer games.

They just need to offer something which is not available on other games and for sure they will get a lot of players switch to their newest game. New features, more free heroes, warding system, fogging, less lag, and cheaper amount of in-game items and lastly weekly updates that focus with bug fixes not just purely addition of heroes, they should also gauge every heroes to avoid imbalances to the game.